I Love Kneaded Erasers and Albrecht Durer

B.Grady -W.I.P.  Graphite on Paper

Woke up this morning with this image of a rabbit jumping rope. 

Probably just a message from my subconscious that I should exercise.
Figured exercising my hand,head,and eye was a worthy substitute.

Usually when I work in my sketchbook I geek out on some TED or FORA lecture in an attempt to nurture my intellect with some form of noble knowledge. 

Ya know genetic engineering, evolution, religion,  or some form of aesthetic or intellectual history.Stuff like that.

Frequently I pepper this food for thought with a little Louis Black, Doomsday Prepping and a pinch of permaculture (Just to keep me grounded).

B.Grady -W.I.P.  Graphite on Paper

Topics without pictures are preferred because then I actually pay  attention to drawing!

B.Grady -W.I.P.  Graphite on Paper
Albrecht Durer was on the  Youtube menu today so I ended up being distracted by the visuals. 

Durer will forever be connected in my brain to rabbits and of course, the apocalypse.

Well the visuals were gorgeous in this video series by the BBC, therefore I ended up unconsciously playing with my kneaded eraser (which I sometimes use as a reference or a shadow puppet:)).

Here is the link to the series! 
Northern Renaissance - Albrecht Durer 1 of 6


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