About the Artist

The Moth Tree of Kali, 72" x 60", Oil on Canvas, 2010

Bridget Eileen Grady is an American artist whose painting is poetically influenced by her explorations of the woods and fields of New England, the literature of natural history, and a childhood shaped by life on a neighboring farm. Her primary body of work investigates and depicts sensitive ecological environments both figuratively and abstractly. The work focuses on the connection of the psyche to nature and the translation of that experience through the perceptual process of painting. She believes that it is cultural attitudes that have the greatest impact on the condition of the environment. Artists perform a social function by producing visual artifacts that can have an effect on the attitudes of a society toward the natural world. This point of view has a long tradition in the history of landscape painting and continues to be relevant considering the current critical state of the environment.
Ms. Grady is an award winning exhibitor both nationally and internationally. Most recently she was selected for “The Art of Conservation 2010, An International Exhibit of Nature in Art” sponsored by the Artists for Conservation Foundation and was an exhibiting finalist in the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Environmental Art Prize 2010.
Ms. Grady’s projects also include traditional and digital works created in Southeast Asia where she was an assistant professor of art at Nanyang Technological University, School of Art, Design, and Media located in Singapore.These works investigate the complex issues surrounding the material culture of developing nations and their affect on the environment. Work from this series “Glut” was selected for inclusion in the International Painting Annual, Exhibition in Print, sponsored by Manifest Creative Research Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.While in Singapore she was also granted the Nanyang Technological University Teaching Excellence Award 2010. Ms. Grady is a signature member of Artists for Conservation.

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