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As of late I’ve been out in the landscape painting again in this gorgeous weather reconnecting to my roots. By happen-chance I had the opportunity to catch a great lecture today given by Jennifer Kreiger at the Mattatuck Museum of Art. “Remember the Ladies: Women Artists of the Hudson River School”: The First Annual Julia Q. Keggi Lecture Rediscovering Forgotten Women Artists was the title of the presentation. Ms. Krieger introduced a feisty group of woman hiking the mountains in hoop skirts, petticoats, and button up boots,   trudging their painting gear up the rocky ledges of the Catskills and going where few women of the time had tread before. The work was exquisite and has been seldom seen in public venues. The lecture was based on a show of the same title hosted at the Thomas Cole National Historic Site. I believe that show has passed but a national traveling exhibition with additional paintings is in the works. Looking forward to that!  Here’s link to Cedar Grove Remember The Ladies for catalog and exhibition information.

I haven’t had the opportunity to visit the Mattatuck since I left for Singapore and thought the museum looked really great. They have a nice collection of artworks by artists who lived or painted in the area in the 19th and early 20th century. I  highly encourage anyone who hasn’t been there in awhile to revisit the space.


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