Inter-Species Collaboration

Aganetha Dyck
Life on earth is its own Inter-species Collaboration. Gaining awareness of our inter-dependence with all living things non-human,in my humble opinion, is the first step in recognizing that we as a species are a part of Nature. No more, no less. The attitude of Us vs.Them is in need of dis-solution, for our survival and their survival are intertwined.
Contemporary artists working in the domain of inter-species collaboration attempt to communicate this concept through creating aesthetic experiences that investigate an awareness of what we perceive as other.
Bee prepared :), in the coming months for displays of contemporary works that express the spirit of Plight of the Pollinators call for art in various artistic forms.Collaborative works, dance, human and non human, installation, performance, sculpture, animations, drawing, music, painting, photography.....Bee Inspired:) 
We are open to exploring any expressive communication that can bring into focus the critical environmental issue of pollination.

Aganetha Dyck is Canandian artist that has been working for sometime in collaboration with bees.

 Aganetha Dyck
Aganetha Dyck - Bee Drawing Collaboration
 Hilary Berseth is an American artist works collaboratively both as a bee keeper and a sculptor.
 Hilary Berseth
 Hubert Duprat is a French artist whose work with caddis fly larva enters the realm of collaboration by working with the instinct driven sheltering behavior of this particular Tricoptera.
Hubert Duprat

Hubert Duprat

 Hubert Duprat Photo Credit- Delpech& Fournier

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