DEEP Chocolate

"Bee"- Relief Sculpture, Approx 3" x 3", Chocolate on Stick -Diane Joy
No this is not a recipe post but a  long over-due expression of gratitude to all the folks at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection for making it all happen and supporting us at the openning. A sincere "Thank You" goes out  to Commissioner Daniel Esty for the invitation to exhibit our work at the State chambers.It is an honor to be invited and formal recognition of the important role that the arts can play in protecting the environment and educating the public on key issues.
My "DEEPest" (sorry couldn't resist the pun:)!) gratitude to Diane Joy, for all of her help and patience during the installation of the artwork.The wonderful reception that she organized was truly sweet, in more ways than one! Diane Joy, who is also the Director of the Kellogg Environmental Center, not only organized this event with her already busy schedule, but managed to present some of her own artwork in the form of edible sculpture. Her field and forest confections were as delicious to the eye as they were to the palate.(The Chocolate Squirrel cookies, to die for!)The image above shows her delectable homage to our primary pollinator.(Remember no pollinators, no chocolate!)
Luckily, fellow exhibiting artist, Dianne Parmalee had the self control to document this site specific work before it disappeared! (I, of course, ate mine immediately,what else would you expect? It was chocolate:)!)

For more information on the programs offered by the Kellogg Environmental Center and the Osborne Homestead Museum visit the links below.

Kellogg Environmental Center -Women and the Environment ( Click on the PDF and note that many of these exceptional women were arts practitioners!)

You can now find the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection on Facebook. Their page has lots of great information. Like 'em:)!

The exhibition of artists, Dianne Parmalee, Mike Amodeo, Randy Orzano, and myself will be on for the next few months at the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection, 3rd and 5th Floors, 79 Elm Street Hartford during office hours.


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