Marc Chabot Drawings

An Exhibit of Drawings by Marc Chabot and Caroline Harman at the "Field Projects"exhibition space of Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music Studios.
These two gifted artists  will be exhibiting during the lecture and book signing of "Every Little Thing" by author and columnist Tracey O' Shaughnessy.

Marc Chabot "The Wanderer", 19 3/4" x 27 5/8", Graphite on Paper, 1992-98

Marc Chabot "The Wanderer"Graphite on Paper, 1992-98 ( Detail)
Here is a small taste of some of the work  that Marc Chabot will be exhibiting during the lecture and book signing by Tracey O'Shaughnessy on December 8th, 1-4PM.
The author's lecture will commence at 1PM and The artist's and author's reception will be held from 2- 4PM.
This two person Exhibition of Drawings will be on view until the end of January. The Gallery Hours will Thursday-Saturday,12-5PM and by appointment.

 Marc Chabot is an outstanding draftsman as well as a scholar and collector of 19th & 20th century American prints and drawings. He is perhaps more well known locally for his figure work. Those works, though excellent in their own right, are not quite an accurate representation of this artist's true voice. The  exquisitely intricate inventions  he pursues in the private space of his home are closest to his heart and rarely seen.Tightly composed, these quietly undulating forms of botanically inspired invention often take many years of labor to be realized. Marc will be giving a lecture on his drawings and the topic of drawing on Saturday, January 12th, 2013 at 1PM.The event is free and open to the public.

Marc Chabot "The Wanderer", Graphite on Paper, 1992-98 ( Detail)

Marc Chabot "The Wanderer",Graphite on Paper, 1992-98 ( Detail)

Marc Chabot "The Wanderer", Graphite on Paper, 1992-98 ( Detail)

Marc Chabot
Artist Statement

My work is mostly from imagination, informed by my life experience and love of drawing. I have always found drawing to be the most intimate, flexible and immediate means of visual expression. I marvel at its range of invention and I delight in the touch of hand to paper. It is sensual and intellectual, emotive and analytical.

The spirit and cycles of nature, its changing forms and the desire to create and reinvent this anew from within myself form the content of my work. Sometimes familiar, often not, it is hoped one touches on something deeper. In a time where we are reaching out around and beyond our world, one may reflect upon where one is by discovering through art a place where one has not yet been.     

As for the content of my other work, it is true that I draw the figure from life and have run a life-drawing group for 23 years. I love drawing the nude; such a thing of beauty, testing one’s powers of observation and ability to render. The dialogue between artist and model also offers confirmation of our connections and empathy with one another; and the opportunity to celebrate and share it with others.  

Where:The Field Projects exhibition space  of Blue Horse Arts and J Foster Music Studios
250 Porter Street, Watertown,CT.
Tracey O' Shaughnessy lecture and book signing December 8th, 1PM, Reception 2-4PM. Free and open to the public!
"Every Little Thing" will be available for purchase at the studio. GREAT STOCKING STUFFER:)! If you would like to purchase before the event, Ms. O' Shaughnessy suggests the Hickory Stick Bookstore located in Washington Depot.

For more info email or call 860-417-3243


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