Thank You!

Tracey O' Shaughnessy
I just want to say Thank You! to all the people who made today's event Great!
To Tracey O' Shaughnessy for  generously sharing  her time to present a really great lecture.
To Caroline Harman and Marc Chabot for exhibiting their really great works!

Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music

Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music
To our awesome friends, Kellie Lambert-Maguire and Cailin, Anne Flynn,Ginger Hanrahan, Lee Cordon, Becky Blossom, Alex, Becky Sue, Harriot, Jean, Jessica,  Jenna, Sam D'Ambruoso, Dick and Carol Marty(also feast sponsor!),Mr. and Mrs. Milner,Mrs. Lamphier, Mike Yurgeles, Laura, and Melody.And to all of our new Friends!

Many,many Thanks to our amazing sponsors of the feast, Gayle of Gayle's Farm Shoppe (not a cookie left!),Heiu's homemade chocolate confections, Mrs. D'Ambruoso's Italian cookies,and Cavallo's Italian Treats!
This event was also made possible by our secret Santa, Bob Grady!!!



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