This was what looked like an interesting conversation held in our back yard this morning. It seemed rather one-sided with the crow essentially yelling at the hawk. Based on the expression on the hawk's face,he didn't seem too impressed.
Speaking of conversation, our "Drawing Conversations" show with Marc Chabot and Caroline Harman is extended through February. Yay! Gallery hours for February are by appointment only,(or if you happen to catch us while we are teaching or working in the studio)!
Check out the lecture by Tracey O'Shaughnessey that is on our You Tube Channel. The second part is almost done and we will also be posting the Artist's talk and lecture on drawing by Marc Chabot, that was held in January, in the near future.
 Stay tuned for more events coming this February! Especially our Sketchjam!!!
 Happy Ground Hog Day!


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