Woodcock Wonders

Woodcock Wonders and Other Signs of Spring:)!
Yesterday morning, around 5:30AM I heard an unusual bird sound in our backyard. I recognized the distinctive "PEENT" from hanging out the first spring we came back with my friend Joan MacSweeney. Joan is an avid birder and environmental science educator. She turned me on to this little creature's elaborate mating dance. These guys are becoming increasingly rare due to habitat loss and hunting.(Why anyone would feel the need to shoot a Woodcock is beyond me, can't imagine there would be much left). Apparently the neighbor's large backyard was a good enough substitute for a meadow.
The deer seem to be thinking along those lines also:)!
American Woodcock
Crocus 2013- 4" x 6" ,B.Grady
Another sign of spring is our crocus. Yay!
I decided to take break from the rather tight work I've been doing lately and do a quick oil sketch.

Below are some  video links on info on our little feather friend who was dancing in the yard.
This link has the recording of the mating ritual and accompanying sound effects.
 American Woodcock Mating Dance.

Great Soundtrack on this one below:).

This ones just silly:). It's amazing what you will find on You Tube:)!
Woodcock Image via Wiki


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