Congrats! to Jenna!

Foundation Student Jenna Cianciolo

 Jenn Cianciolo( Really she's shy:))
Congratulations !!! to high school foundation student Jenna Cianciolo.  
Jenna has had the honor of being selected for  the Center for Creative Youth summer arts residency. The this five week pre- college  program is hosted at the prestigious Wesleyan University's campus located in Middletown, Connecticut. 
Jenna was accepted into the visual arts program at C.C.Y. based on her drawing portfolio. 
The program  draws talented students from throughout the country and  from as far away as Southeast Asia. The C.C.Y. program offers gifted young artists an opportunity to experience a variety of arts' disciplines such as Creative Writing, Dance, Filmmaking, Music, Musical Theater, Theater, and Photography. 

The students are mentored by  a core of professional arts' faculty in their chosen disciplines during the morning sessions. 
Gourd - Jenna Cianciolo
 The students have the opportunity to choose from a number of programs held in the afternoons outside their primary art interest.

 Visiting artists from around the world present workshops and performances during the residency exposing  these  students to a rich and culturally diverse experience. The interdisciplinary nature of the program broadens the students' knowledge base  and better prepares them for future college selection and career choices.

Complicated Still Life WIP
Jenna has been working hard in the studio in between a heavy academic schedule and her active involvement  in the  theater.She continues with her observational studies and is now working toward compositional design exercises and mixed media.
Pepper drawing from Observation- Jenna Cianciolo

Best Wishes for a great summer Jenna!!!

 Jenna  along with Heather Hughes, who is patiently working on a cast drawing, helps keep our younger foundation students on track during the some our our more challenging aspects of the curriculum.

Lauren, Heather,and Xavier,who is assisting with the skeletal anatomy lesson

 Heather Hughes
Xavier, Heather, and Lauren

 Heather Hughes and Xavier.

Cookies are frequently part of the curriculum:)!


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