A Little More Flower Power

" Late Night Lily, 9" x 12", Oil on Canvas, B. Grady

Morning Rose of Sharon," 5" x 7", Oil on Canvas, B. Grady
A couple of  paintings from yesterday.
I spotted the flowers of  a Rose of Sharon bush that has been hiding in the tangle of Forsythia. 
It must have been there for years! The storms we've had in Connecticut the past few winters have brought down some big trees apparently allowing enough  light  for this bush to awaken!

It's summer so due to my solvent allergy I'm working with pure walnut oil again,hence the major glare on the paintings and a bit of a color wash out. 
I did a quick study of the Rose of Sharon in the morning while the flowers were fresh. The cream colored Day Lilies are on their way out.
As their name states you only get the day to paint them.
(Less if you cut them!)
I've been trying to work a lot faster these days, just getting down the important information and not laboring over the form and finish so much.So these little painting are just a few hours of painting time. Flowers from observation don't really give you much more than a single session.

Started the study late last night. and attempted to finish it off from memory this morning. I threw in some process shots below.

 is this 
3PM- 5PM
Melon Kali 


  1. Thanks for sharing process photos! I'm fond of Rose of Sharon and like this painting very much!

    1. Thanks Gretch! I'm pretty fond of Rose of Sharon also.I've been procrastinating on getting one for the house. Looks like I don't have to now:)!


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