Scout Austin Solo Exhibition

Artist Scout Austin, whose  darkly seductive encaustic works were featured in our  "Plight of the Pollinators" exhibition, is having a solo show in Framingham , Massachusetts at Fountain Street Fine Art. (Apologies to Scout for not getting this out there before her opening!!) The show will be open until October 6th, 2013.

Scout Austin- Mixed Media

 Fountain Street Fine Arts

 "Austinʼs work focuses the viewerʼs attention on the essential honey bee by highlighting both the beauty of the honey beeʼs life and the serious threats to the honey beeʼs existence. By combining lush, bright color with contradictory, menacing darkness, Austinʼs work encourages the viewer to take a deeper look at a species in crisis." 
   From Fountain Street Fine Arts.

Robert and Mary Lou Alberetti

Robert and Mary Lou Alberetti will be showing together at the Minor Memorial Library Gallery  in Roxbury, Connecticut. Robert, who also works in the medium of the Bees,will be showing his mixed media works and paintings. Mary Lou Alberetti will be presenting  a number of her exquisite ceramics work. The show opens on October 5th ,2013. It will be on until November 9th,2013.The reception is that Saturday from 2PM-4PM.
 Check Them Out!
 Marylou Alberetti's Site
Robert Alberetti's  Works
 Minor Memorial Library Gallery 

Presentation Video by Mary Lou Alberetti at the  Mary Louise Trichet Art Gallery at the Wisdom House in Litchfield, Connecticut


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