Hollis Dunlap Workshop Pics

Hollis Dunlap Demo
 A sincere Thank You!! goes out to everyone who made the Hollis Dunlap Workshop this past weekend. And a special thanks to Hollis!

It was a great weekend at the studio! We got to meet some new friends and talented painters from both coasts along with some new artists in  our own home state.

Hollis gave great instruction and an extremely informative demonstration throughout the class. I'll have to say I thought my palette was limited but I really am taken by the simplicity of his 4 color palette!

I highly recommend this talented painter as a mentor if one gets an opportunity to study with him! 
I should have taken more pictures but I was too engrossed in the experience:)!

Sarah LaRose, Hollis Dunlap, Suchitra Bhosle

Hollis has graciously allowed us to extend his show of drawings until the end of the month. The hours are weekends, 12-5PM and by appointment. Call or email the Studio at  860-417-3243 or bgrady@bridgetgrady.com

Image left
Father and Daughter team Joel and Sarah LaRose

Image Right - Alfonsina Betancourt, Suchritra Boshle, Carroll MacDonald, Hollis Dunlap,Veronica Smucker

  Carroll MacDonald, Yolanda Mazzoni, And the elusive Rita whose lovely image cannot be captured  through the lens :)!


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