We're Still Going!

We just decided to go a path less traveled by:)! (At least for us:)!

Oil Painting by Bridget Grady 2015

To make a very long, convoluted,and way overdue story short here's a brief update on what's been going on with the studio. Blue Horse Arts and JFoster Music have finally moved from the studio in Watertown to Litchfield,CT. We would have never had guessed it would take this long! We've been, or so it seems, in a perpetual state of packing,unpacking and shuffling stuff around for months. After checking out some different spaces and locales we decided to buy, instead of rent a property and set up our own live/work space. And to quote my father's favorite poet "that has made all the difference."  It's totally awesome!!!!! We can not thank our friends and family enough for helping us out in soooo many ways. (Special thanks to the Girardin brothers and Marc Santore for helping two artists out on the real estate end and keeping it very entertaining!)

The space at Porter Street in Watertown,CT., where I had been for 20 plus years was great. Big, Bright, and Beautiful! The new space is more intimate. We will miss our friends, both animal and human who still reside there, but life events, new opportunities and projects lead us into making this decision. (Our new place has beavers too!,we just have to walk a few hundred yards:))

The teaching studios won't be ready until late spring or summer. This is providing that spring actually returns to the area. I think we're going to have to check back in with the groundhog. So for now we will be down sizing the programs we have offered in the past and figuring out what our new incarnation will be:) We are both focused back on our own creative work so it's going to take some time.
"8 Degrees". (One hour Sketch from the window. No way I was braving the elements!) 5" x 7", Oil on Panel, 2015

Looking back it was a pretty productive three year ride! We hosted some great shows showcasing local  and international artists.Our exhibitions such as Crop Circle and Plight of the Pollinators were ahead of the curve and brought much needed attention to crucial environmental topics. Additionally we held Open Studio events, various Artist exhibitions focused on drawing, lectures,Painting demonstrations by guest artists, Heminway Pond Paint Outs to raise awareness of the local ecology, and myriads of workshops that included not only painting and stained glass, but music technology, topics in photography, stop-motion animation,and  social media for artists. 
I have to say my particular favorite recurring event was the JFoster Music Sketch Jam!!
A shout of thanks goes out to our incredible musician friends for jamming in our space! Most of our events were held free to the public.We raised some monies for charities, especially those with environmental concerns, met some great new people along the way, and had a lot of fun!

We are grateful  beyond words for all the support of our friends, family, students, and those who just happened to to stumble in from the sidewalk:)! We looking forward to co- creating some new experiences in the future:).!!

The blog will continue (albeit a bit sporadically for now:)),so check back here for news and updates on the studios and area events. 

  " Untitled", 10" x 8", Oil on Panel,Bridget Grady 2015


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