The lunar eclipse is happening as I write this brief post. Go outside and watch it!
Super Moon Eclipse 2015 from the White Memorial Boardwalk   B. Grady

 The above drawing by late 18th century artist, John Russell, took over 20 years to complete
Pastel Drawing by John Russell

Pastel drawing of the moon, completed in 1795
The artist John Russell R.A. was a specialist in crayon portraits. He became Painter to George III and was London's leading pastellist of the late 18th century. However, he was also a dedicated and enthusiastic astronomer. He concentrated his efforts on the moon, working tirelessly to make an accurate record of the lunar surface.

Russell's telescopic observations and measurements were kept in a detailed sketchbook and form the basis not only for this giant pastel but for published engravings of the moon. An example of his printed moon globe, the Selenographia of 1797, is displayed in the entrance gallery.

Also at this Museum site are links to a previous exhibition featuring the lunar pencil drawings of John Russell and the  moon paintings of contemporary artist Rebecca Hind. You can get to this information through this link.  

 For more information on John Russell and other interesting stuff:) Check out the sites below
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