Feed the Animals!!

Graphite Drawing by Bridget Grady
Here is a sneak peek of the forth-coming holiday card I was commissioned to illustrate by Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust.

The proceeds from the sales of the cards will  go toward  the feeding the animals who reside at Flanders.

The card's design incorporates some of the resident Shetland sheep and an invented likeness of artist Natalie Van Vleck as their shepherdess.

Natalie Van Vleck was  an artist, farmer, and an environmentalist.She had the vision and foresight to preserve the property that gave her such creative inspiration from the impact of a beginning trend of  suburban  sprawl developing in the 1960's. Her vision remains an enduring gift to residents and visitors to the town of Woodbury.

For information for where, when, and how one can purchase these cards in the very near future!:
Contact Dianne Parmalee, (who herself is both an artist and current shepherdess to the flock), at Flanders.
http://www.flandersnaturecenter.org/  or visit
Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust
5 Church Hill Road
Woodbury, CT 06798
Telephone:  203-263-3711
Fax:  203-263-2214


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