Eagle Visits Hemingway Pond!

Yesterday it was a group of frolicking deer.This morning a Kingfisher.This afternoon I was working on a study of the pond,mixing ups some greys on my palette,when I noticed the crows flapping around this white thing. Being that I no longer possess the vision of an eagle I once had, I wasn't quite sure what it was they were harassing.
Eagle at Hemingway Pond-Blue Horse Arts Studio- March 27

Then it became clear. A Bald Eagle!!! and I ran for the camera!! Which, of course, had practically no battery left. I watched him for about 20 minutes and realized he was going to stick around, so I called Jay to come down and video our visitor.

Jay was able to get a bit of footage while our friend was zipping around the pond, apparently hunting, before he hid in the trees.

I saw one here a few years back, but I'm quite sure no one believed me.
Now we have Evidence!
( Albeit a bit blurry).


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