Lights, Camera, Action It's Peyton's Place!!

 Early Morning on Porter Street
You know I just couldn't resist this blog title.  
It's been a way busy week here at the studio.  We thought we'd share a little of the behind the scenes film-making that took place at Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music Studios in the early morning hours of Friday. ESPN producer Jalaine Edwards contacted us to ask if it would be possible to use the space as a set for  the Peyton Manning Homecoming teaser!

The Studio Before

 And of course we said that would be possible:)!
The teaser will be airing tomorrow on the Sunday NFL Countdown at 10AM and then again at 11:55 ish in case you are sleeping in:)! The teaser concept is staged as Peyton Manning's Art Gallery. So for the short time being "Field Projects" is Football Field Projects:)!

                            DON'T MISS IT!!

Peyton "Paintings"

 Producer Jalaine with Film Crew director Charlie

 Looking Forward to Jalaine's Magic of Editing in the Morning!


Testing Testing Testing

 Heeeeeere's Peyton!


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