Next Sunday SKETCH JAM and Drawing Show!

Here's what's coming up next weekend:)

Kristie Holiday

 Kristie Holiday

Our semi regular Sketch Jam will be taking place next Sunday! This Sketch Jam will featuring Kristie Holiday on vocals and Jay Foster on guitar!
Well versed in both music performance and production, Ms. Holiday’s sultry, soulful, vocals are at home in a myriad of musical genres from Jazz to Country to R&B to Ska and much, much more. Kristie has performed on both sides of the proverbial “pond” at places like Jazz After Dark in London and Wally’s Jazz Café in Boston.

Drawing by Hollis Dunlap

New London artist Hollis  Dunlap will also be presenting a selection of his drawings which will be on view for a few weeks.Hollis will be giving a  Figure Painting workshop at Blue Horse Arts on Nov. 9th and 10th. There are  only one,possibly two spaces left for this Figure Drawing Workshop.   So Sign up while you can!!!!

Drawing by Hollis Dunlap

Along with a nice opportunity to view Hollis Dunlap's drawings up close and personal this could also be one of the last chances we'll get to hear Kristie in the States for awhile as she moving to Great Britain next month!  So don't Miss it !

 COME ON DOWN!!!!!!!


For the uninitiated, The Sketch Jam is a free musical event in which artists, music lovers, and the generally curious, are invited to come and draw, listen, crochet, or just hang out.  So please come down and bring some friends on Sunday, October 27th from 3 till 5 pm. J Foster Music and Blue Horse Arts Studios are located at 250 Porter St. in Watertown. Call (860) 417-3243 for more info.

P.S. We really love interpretive dancers;)! 
 and we feed jya:)!


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