Girls Nite!

To say we've been frantically busy these days here at Blue Horse Arts and Jay Foster Music Studios would be an understatement!!!There has been lots of great things going on and coming up  in our art/work lives therefore I've been slacking on the posting.
So here's a little  photo blog of the Tuesday night crew for you viewing pleasure.
I'm feeling pretty fortunate to be the instructor to these talented young artists (and cookie eaters extraordinaire)!! The Girls Rock!!!!!

 Behold the Blank Canvas!
Different Strokes for Different Folks
 Lauren's Transcription of the the Bayeux Tapestry with a little Persephone and Hades story boarding thrown in for good measure

 A moment of Stillness ( Still life that is!) 

 Emily's Camel in process. She takes Guitar lessons from Jay on Hump Day:) and she can Sing too!

 Janeesa's Observational Still Life and Cast Drawing

 Jenna's Work In Progress

The youngsters being mentored by Xavier

New Kids On the Bargue:)


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