Percy's Pepper and the Melon Kali Flowers

Percy's White Heirloom Pepper, 6"x 6", oil on board - Bridget Grady
This week’s featured vegetable from the Watertown Farmer’s Market, comes by the way of the Percy Thomson Meadows Farm. It is an heirloom variety of white pepper. The Assard's of Bethlehem, Connecticut are carrying on and expanding of their grandmother, Bernice Assard’s roadside, garden stand. The “Gram’s Stand”, as it was affectionately known, has been reopened in honor of their grandmother at the Percy Thomson Meadows. According to their family farm website, Bernice Assard was well known in the community for her knowledge and skill in gardening and home food production. Luckily for her family (and us!) she has passed down these essential arts to her grandchildren. The Gram’s Stand is now located at their farm on 84 Sunny Ridge Road Bethlehem, CT., providing fresh produce and farm made products.

Additional info on Percy Thomson Meadows can be obtained by visiting their website  or calling 203-266-5785
 Jay Foster

Jay Foster and Alex Alves
For those lucky enough to be in the vicinity of the Saturday farmers market this past weekend, one would have been witness to an uncommon daylight performance of the Melon Kali Flowers. (They usually bloom at night!) The watery trills of Jay Foster’s guitar could be heard interwoven on the breeze with the songs of the birds and the wakening hum of our small town, soothing the organic produce and calling forth the town’s people. An even rarer event was the sighting of the predominately nocturnal creature Alex Alves who entertained the vegetables with his morning gravel voice and lyrical humor.

If you happened to miss this diurnal performance you are still in luck. The Melon Kali Flowers will be performing for the Jayne Family Farm benefit held this Thursday evening from 7pm to 9pmat the First Congregational Church in Watertown. They will be performing with other area musicians who are supporting the event. Come on out!

Guitar and Music Instruction - Jay's Site


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