Red Hot Chili Peppers and the Melon Kali Flowers

:) We here at The Blue Horse Arts are all about supporting sustainable endeavors and environmentally responsible actions that everyone can participate in. Food production,something we all are participating in one way or another, has a significant  impact on the environment. Industrialized farming practices are responsible for rapid deforestation, green-house gas emissions, water pollution,and the near extinction of the family farm.

Supporting your local Farmer’s Market can be a major step in promoting sustainable practices in farming, developing local economies, and  for just generally getting to know and support your community members. It’s also a lot of fun! This Saturday the Melon Kali Flowers,( Jay Foster and Alex Alves) will be entertaining a variety of vegetables and other life forms with their songster-ship. The musical event is from 10am -12pm. Come early for a great selection of fresh and organic produce, baked goods, and artisan wares.
 "Walter's Chilies' ", oil on panel, 2011-Bridget Grady
This week’s featured vegetable is from Walter’s vegetable stand.Walter MacDonald is both an artist and a grower and his farm is called Old MacDonald's Farm.Yep. E I E I O!

The Farmers market is organized tirelessly by Doreen Breen. For more information on the Watertown Farmer’s Market

Where?      Main street Watertown Connecticut at the Library
When?       Saturday August 6th, starts at 10am-2pm
To find out more about the Watertown Farmers market and how you can participate  check out this link

 To learn more about the effects of corporate agriculture on the environment check out the following links


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