Thank You France!

Thank You France! AND EVERYONE ELSE!!!! We are now over a thousand hits!Thought I'd share the view of Hemingway Pond from the studio today with everyone. It is amazing that this is right here in the middle of town and no one seems to be aware of it.This is a perfect place for a green-way or a board walk that would allow persons of all ages to connect with Nature.Perhaps a connection to the Siemon Company green-way across the street? Next to their parking lot.Hemingway Pond, behind the MRCO building as it called, is home to beaver,numerous ducks and geese, pair of great blue herons,snowy egret,common bittern,mergansers, kingfishers,turkey buzzards,hawk,deer,coyote, racoons,and a mink I caught a of glimpse of this spring. It is perfect for landscape painting year round, for this is all viewed from the window of the  studio.I'll be posting the  new landscape workshops soon on the Classes/Workshop page.
View from Blue Horse Arts Studio August 2011

  I watched our resident heron catch a good size fish before flying of to the other end of the swamp.

 Hemingway Pond Heron Flying August 2011


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