Artist's Day at Flanders Nature Center

Those of you who couldn't attend the registration yesterday at Flanders Nature Center for the Artist's Day event  you can still sign up!

Joan Anthony, artist and organizer of the Artist's Day event, has sent along this poster and invitation to contact her if there are artists who are interested in participating but couldn't attend yesterday's event. The juror for the exhibition is artist Peter Seltzer

Flanders Nature Center is an example of the vision of an artist manifested  into reality. Natalie Van Vleck, painter turned farmer-environmentalist, maintained her studio on this property and derived inspiration from its natural beauty. The center‘s formation was born from her desire to preserve the rural landscape and farming traditions that she drew sustenance from, both physically and aesthetically. In this way Ms. Van Vleck’s legacy  is a contribution to an evolving formation of environmental aesthetics. A contribution that is concretized  through the creation of the land trust and environmental learning center at Flanders.
George Catlin
The history of artists shaping the image of nature and affecting a desire toward preservation in our American culture is rooted in the 18th and 19th centuries.Artists such as George Catlin,Thomas Moran, Frederick Church,The Hudson River School  and many others,were highly influential in developing an environmental ethic and appreciation in the minds of Americans.
Thomas Moran
Frederick Church

George Catlin was the first to propose the idea of preserving the wilderness and native cultures of the American west, and Moran is noted for contributing to the creation of Yellowstone National Park.
This tradition continues today and in a variety of visual, musical,literary, critical and participatory formats.
J.Alden Weir

 In Connecticut we also have an artist’s studio/ residence turned national park.  The Weir Farm,studio /residence of J.Alden Weir  located in Ridgefield,  is one of only two artist's homes designated as national parks in the country.

Today the Flanders Nature Center maintains the connection of art and the environment through various programs for adults and children. Besides the studio and Buz Russell Farm museums there is also an active community garden for those interested in pursuing their relationship with nature through organic gardening! So participate:)! 

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