Backyard Squash and Psychedelic Pigs

Backyard Squash Watercolor- Bridget Grady
This week's vegetable is of the backyard variety.Since we'll  again be missing the Farmers market this week, due to the Fall Fest, this lovely specimen was graciously donated by my neighbor Don. It has been a bit of a hectic week with all the preparations for the Fall Fest and a "blistering" return of my sensitivity to solvents.(The Universe is speaking to me).I'm switching back over to watercolor for awhile until things calm down.The timing on this couldn't be better though, as I am teaching a watercolor class at the Osher Life Long Learning Institute at UCONN starting this Friday.
It's also a great excuse to loosen up with some psychedelic pigs. 

Blue Pig Watercolor-Bridget Grady
I'll be bringing the pigs and possibly some other livestock to the Saturday event. Partial proceeds will be going to the local food bank.
My sojourn to the Bethlehem Fair last week was a wash  for giant rabbits. I did however see the world's smallest horse!(hmmm). The highlight of the day came early.While I was admiring some handsome oxen I happened to meet Nebraska farmer Liz Sarno.We had a nice little chat that turned to organic and sustainable farming practices. Ms. Sarno is the Extention Educator and Organic Outreach Coordinator at the University of Nebraska. She had some very enlightening things to say about what is happening in the heartland in regards to organic farming.She also pointed out some  interesting  persons and organizations that provide useful information in regards to organic agriculture and Farmer's markets.

The World's Smallest Horse

(For further information check the links below).

 Elizabeth Sarno
 Melinda Hemmelgarn

Often  while out painting  I have  "roadside" conversations with people who stop to see what I am doing.(This of course offers me an opportunity to blather on about corporate agricultural practices and the importance of  supporting local farming:)).  From what I gather during these chats, is that a question still seems to hang in the air "Is organic worth it?". I also find that people may also be unfamiliar with the connection between fossil fuels, agriculture, and the state of the environment. For that I provide the following link:).


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