The Birds and the Bees

Photo from Flanders Facebook Page
Just a reminder! The first workshop of the Bee Keeping Co-op  is happening today.
Al Avitable will be demonstrating  at 12:30,  how to hive your packaged bees. 
This event will be held at the  " Pole Barn" at Flanders Nature Center and Land Trust on Flanders Road, in Woodbury, CT.

Flander Nature Center and Land Trust

Artist Dorie Petrochko
Attention Bird Enthusiasts
Also being held at Flanders this month is a lecture presentation by Connecticut Natural Science Illustrator, Dorie Petrochko. Ms. Petrochko also teaches workshops at Yale Peobody Museum's West Campus.

 To see more of Dorie's Work visit her website here

Evolution of a Bird Artist by Dorie Petrochko
In this slide-lecture Dorie Petrochko will talk about the early influences on her bird watching as a young adult, her scientific heritage, and her explorations as an adult bird enthusiast and bird painter.
Date/Time: Friday, April 20, 7 pm
Location: Studio
Donation: $5


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