First Bee Workshop

Bee Package and Sugar
Today was a privilege. A good-natured group of bee-keeping "newbees" gathered at Flanders  to be instructed by the eminent bee keeper Al Avitable. 
Mr. Avitabile was a most generous and entertaining guide for a journey with would-be apiarians. 
There was a lot of information to digest just in the unpacking of the bees, which is obviously a critical step in the success of the hive. Many preparations are needed in order for the process to run smoothly, making this workshop an important step into this endeavour.
Mr. Avitabile with his  anecdotal blend of scientific knowledge and calm demeanor, made it look simple. Apparently the honey bee is of Italian descent and if one listens closely to the hive the faint refrains of a Neopolitan folk song can be heard. I didn't get that close:). Close enough though!
I won't give you a verbal blow by blow of the whole workshop.We'll save that for the video which should be up in a short time. For now here are some photos of the day.



Mr.Avitabile Starting the Smoker

Queen Capsule

Queen Abdomen

Unpacking the Queen
The Bee Keepers Handbook by Al Avitable

This book by Al Avitabile is now in it's forth edition.It is printed in several languages.Arabic being the next language to be translated. I'll be posting information on how you can obtain this tome in the near future!
Thanks! Mr.Avitabile for a Great Day!


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