APPLAUSE!! and a Sneak Peak

Dianne Parmalee is a woman who really knows how to drive a team.She is pictured here with a rescue draft team plowing the fields at Flanders for planting Sunflowers.Gotta feed our Pollinators!!!!
Applause, Applause,Applause goes to the posse of painters who showed up at the "Field Projects" door step armed with rollers,drop cloths, song, and CHOCOLATE!!They blasted through the hallways like a blizzard leaving behind fresh, snowy walls.THANK YOU!!!!! Dianne Parmalee,the Masterful Mike Amodeo, Brendan Jayne, and Dr.Dan. 
THANK YOU!!!Also to the the God of Getting Things Done! The Extraordinary Clive Saunders!!!!!!

Image Still of "Bee Aware" Interactive Design-Sue Berg
One of the aspects of this project that I have benefited greatly from is getting to meet new and very cool, friends and artists in my own backyard, such as the  crazy crew above and one of our finalists Sue Berg. I met Sue the other day for the first time when she brought in her Interactive project "Bee Aware."
She had me playing with her IPad in no time and I was truly entertained!(She is completely unaware of what an amazing feat that is to those who really know me:)).
Image Still of "Bee Aware" Interactive Design-Sue Berg

Sue is currently a Professor of Art at Northwestern Community College along with being a multi-media artist and partner in She is also the priestess of technology and advisory board member for the great arts organization " Artwell Inc."  

Sue Berg's Statement

I believe in art as social commentary. Although I never spoon feed the viewer with content, it is there none the less. I work within a field of possibilities that require the viewer to think.

I believe in the creative power of technology. New Media requires a breaking down of preconceived notions. Technology offers the artist a vast range of expressive power. It takes all media that has come before it and puts them all in one place. New media is sculptural, painterly, photographic; it is the written word and sound. Technology as form requires science, math and design. It is a microcosm of our present as well as a modifier of our future. We examine our transforming society through the very system that is transforming it. We use technology to reinforce our content.


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