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Cover Art for the Pollinator's Corridor- Aaron Birk

Sample page- The Pollinator's Corridor

“A good idea is timeless”, Dianne Parmalee from Flanders Nature Center, recently said to me. She should know since she has lots of them!
 A good idea and a good story are the critical ingredients in artist Aaron Birk’s graphic novel. Eight years in the making, through the labor intensive processes of drawing and collage is what it took to bring his ecological adventure story to fruition.
 Aaron Birk- Photo Randa Jarra

 Sculpture Installation by Aaron Birk

 Detail Image of Sculpture by Aaron Birk

 “The Pollinators Corridor” combines the popular genre of the graphic novel with a compelling narrative that sheds light on significant environmental issues. What is key in Aaron’s work is that through the images and text this artist illustrates how the average person can be a steward of change. It provides scenarios of hope gleaned from Aaron’s own personal involvement with restoration ecology.
Aaron Birk graduated as a theater major from Oberlin College in 2003, but began his own self training in horticultural science soon afterward. It was during his work directing an ecological restoration project in the Bronx where the seeds of his novel were planted.

Detail Image of Sculpture by Aaron Birk

 Sample Page by Aaron Birk

 Aaron has been awarded an Independent Artist grant for this work and has given lecture presentations throughout the east coast discussing his story and the concept of ecological restoration. The Pollinator’s Corridor was included in the Bronx Museum of Art in 2009. We are so excited that Aaron has participated in this call. This work exemplifies the fusion between art and science, and the power of image to communicate important ideas. Aaron‘s life work, as a creative and active participant in change, is an inspiration to other artists who try and make a difference on our planet. 

For more information on Aaron Birk or how to obtain a copy of The Pollinators Corridor  by visit his website
Please consider supporting this artist’s efforts by visiting this link.

 Sample Page by Aaron Birk

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