Pollinator Update and Sneak Peek!

Jay Foster
Hello out there to those who have been anxiously awaiting to hear about the “Plight of the Pollinators” results!!!!
The jury results are in and those who will be invited to show at the “Field Projects” exhibition space should be contacted by the end of this extremely busy day!!
We who have been involved with this show have to say that the support and creative response to this has been overwhelming!!! The diversity and quality of the artwork submitted has been excellent, making for some VERY difficult choices for finalists. We are so pleased to be able to offer the online show to honor everyone who has participated in this project! This show will be “open” online the same day of the finalist exhibition. Once again Thank You! to all the artists who submitted their works to assist in bringing attention to our Pollinators through their creative expressions!

For next couple of weeks I’ll be posting some  diverse “Sneak Peeks” of those artists who entered, regardless of whether or not they made it to the final round.

Sneak Peek! 

New York artist, M.Genevieve Hitchings has submitted her illustrated web project "Urban Pollinators." Her elegantly illustrated interactive web piece takes the viewer through a hand drawn landscape populated with watercolored flora and fauna. Her piece is not only a visual delight but a virtual educational experience.Ms. Hitchings is also the web designer for the "Great Pollinators Project" launched by the Center of Biodiversity at the American Museum of Natural History.

The  screen shot image in no way belies the beauty of the the website click here to enjoy:)

Urban Pollinators Illustrated Web Project-M.Genevieve Hitchings-Screen Shot

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 M.Genevieve Hitchings Statement

"Urban Pollinators (http://www.urbanpollinators.com/) is an illustrated web project which examines the role city parks play in providing refuge for pollinators in urban environments. Through a series of drawings and animations, the interactive site allows users to visually explore the intricate bond between plant and insect. The drawings aim to alert users to recent declines in wild insect populations due to habitat loss and fragmentation.

My intention was to use interactive design and illustration to showcase how city green spaces serve an important role in creating and maintaining urban ecosystems. Illustration combined with multimedia has the unique ability to call attention to issues that may otherwise go unnoticed. My goal is to help people living in New York City understand that they are surrounded by a natural world that depends on community support.

Focusing on Riverside Park in New York City, the Urban Pollinators project encourages users to browse through illustrations of both plants and insects, highlighting the important role parks play in making city living possible. The power of interactive design is that it creates a forum for transferring ideas. My hope is to motivate people to take an interest in the seemingly invisible natural world that surrounds us. Minor adjustments in how we treat our urban environment can dramatically impact the ability of fragile insect populations to survive."


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