The Future of Hemingway Pond Meeting Tonight 6PM!!!

This post is for Watertown residents or those who hold dear the Future of Hemingway Pond and its Wildlife residents.
There is a meeting tonight at Hemingway School. The meeting starts at 6PM in the conference room.
It is supposedly a meeting to hear what the public has to say about the opening of the dam and how the pond area will be used. Hemingway Pond is a jewel of Nature right in the middle of town in walking distance of Main Street.It is an amazing asset to this town, but because of the way it is situated very few are aware of it's existence. It could be linked to the Greenway or be utilized as a natural park.Something persons across the life span could enjoy. It is home to Beavers ,various ducks,hawks, deer, turkey vultures, mink, fish, turtles, snakes, fox ,raccoons, opossum, and many there creatures whose presence I have not witnessed. Please Come to the meeting tonight and please pass on this message!!!!!!!!


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