The "Solo" has Surfaced!

Bonnie Dewitt Photography - Black Knight
We were sorely missing Tim MacSweeney's Duct-Taped Camcorder Hat at this event. Luckily, the lovely and talented Ms. Bonnie DeWitt had the presence of mind, when very few did by the end of that night, to catch  the grand finale solo by Jay Foster.
Yay! Thank you Bonnie! and Thank you Electric Bakery!

The Electric Bakery
The Electric Bakery pictured right.
Photo courtesy Steve Shappy (Lots of things Courtesy of Steve!!)

Here It Is! 
A feast for the ears and the eyes thanks to the 
Beehive Design Collective murals in the background.
 Pass it on:)!

Some More Pics of Our Esteemed Musicians!

The Billy Cactus Band
The Cactus

 Image Above

"The Billy Cactus Band" with Tim MacSweeney on the left sans Duct-Tape Camcorder Hat.

Mr. Cactus to the left - Backstage
What more can I say:).

A couple of "Cacti" Taking in the "True Cost of Coal" by the Beehive Design Collective

Hall shot with our Goddess of Wine, Anne Flynn( and yes that is a giant spider above) by Matang Gonzales. Photo- Steve Eazarsky

"Pollen" Jammin' out- Photo courtesy of Mike Amodeo


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