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Here is a walk thru of the spaces.  The Field Projects exhibition space for this event is spread out across several rooms.The  new permanent home of the gallery consists of three separate rooms. There is a hallway venue consisting of the Beehive  Design Collective murals and a side show  venue for those who supported the event. We'll start in the side gallery which contains predominately sculpture and installations.

Circulation - Glass fusing


Image Left


In my mind a highly textural, multi-layered glass fusing without strict edges is my quest. The design’s edges flow beyond rigid straight lines with elements moving beyond and into the wall space.

mixed media, apoxy, encaustic, leaves, oil stk, steel, wood

 Ruth Sack
Image to left  


Humans are separated from pollinators by many degrees. My sculptures bridge that separation. Humans and insects are meshed and equally vulnerable to the vicissitudes of the environment. In "Butterfly" the insect symbolizes the human spirit.

Hives - color film



I am drawn to explore the mysterious colors and details associated with bee farming. Honeybees are an essential part of our environment and livelihood. Because environmental stresses continue to threaten honeybee populations, farmers need to rent out bees to pollinate their plants for crops.
These photographs depict the elaborate way in which bees are moved in and out of yards to pollinate orchards, farms, and our ecosystem. Although we are mostly unaware, the life of a honeybee gives us sustenance. Bees shape the land, flora and fauna, and ultimately they shape us.

sessilia III - paper pulp

ecloré - crocheted yarn

Kelly Shannon
Image Above and Left


I study the work of colonial sculpting organisms, from African weaver birds to paper wasps. An individual creates an interesting structure, then the colony builds compound structures, forming a unique natural installation. I use that methodology, making multiples of organic forms from media that attract me, both natural and unnatural.

"Pollinators Longing"- pine needles encased in copper netting held by palm fibers

Just about a Foot - wasps nest

Images Above and Right
Elizabeth  offers a very interesting residency experience in Tyrone, Maryland. You can Check that out here!

Bees Echo the Moon - mixed w/ video
New Jersey


“I seek to convey the absolute brilliance of circumstance and contingency. When successful, the viewer becomes aware of the fragility of the moment, realizes the miracle of our predicament, and bends to the fascination of pure experience”.


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