Congrats! and DEEP Exhibition News

Trompe, Circa 1983?:)!,Oil on Panel, B.Grady

Congratulations! go out to Kim Barber on her acceptance into Paier College of Art. Kim recently attended some of the portfolio building classes offered at the studio in an effort to improve her drawing skills in preparation to apply to art school seeking a major in illustration.Her effort has paid off! Good luck to you Kim this coming fall!(And stock up on Coffee:)!!!)

Paier College of Art, located in Hamden, Connecticut is an excellent school for those art students who seek a solid foundation in traditional drawing and painting practices.I studied there for a few semesters in the early 80's. During that time I had the benefit of studying with Robert Zappalorti,  who I credit for teaching me to "See".
Thank You Mr. Zappalorti! 
The image to the left is a Trompe L'oeil piece I completed in his painting III class.(OMG was that really almost 30 years ago!?!).
Robert Zappalorti is represented by  Cavelier Galleries and is the author of  Drawing Sharp Focus Still Lifes. Definitely  Recommended.

Exhibition News!

Whites Woods, 57" x 57", Oil on Canvas, B.Grady
 I have been invited by Commissioner, Daniel Esty, to exhibit at the State of Connecticut, Department of Energy and Environmental Protection. I will be exhibiting works based on the Connecticut landscape and wildlife. A selection of plein – air paintings based on  my current observations of the changing character of Hemingway Pond located off the Steele Brook in Watertown,  CT., and paintings from the “ Fragile Ecologies” series will be on view. I'll be in the company of  artists,Dianne Parmalee, Mike Amodeo, and Randy Orzano. The reception will be held Friday, June 20th, from noon to 1PM, at 79 Elm Street, 3rd Floor, Russell Room, Hartford, Connecticut.


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