Connecticut Bobcat, Oil on Canvas, 20" x 20", Bridget Grady
We are slowly getting back on track at the studios after a very busy few weeks of show closing, art packing and shipping, And moving out of our old studios.I've been in that particular studio at the MRCO building since 2003?! My first studio there was 1993.So those of you who are painters who read this can just imagine the chaos:)! I've found rolls of work I forgot I did!
The new studios are getting some of their renovation work completed and we should be fully functional in a few weeks.

Jay Foster at the 35th Annual Lakeside Underground Parade

We have been having some fun though! Jay sat in with the Electric Bakery at the 35th Annual Lakeside Underground Parade.(Hopefully some video coming soon)!Lots of  bands(our friends "Pollen",being one of them) and great players(Mike O'Meara and Mike Nappi), jammed in the fields of glass artist Larry Lorenz.
Thank you Larry!

I've been invited to show at the DEEP (Dept. of Energy and Environmental Protection) by commissioner Dan Esty. I'll be bringing the painting  of a Bobcat (above) up to Hartford this week. Along with some larger works,  I'll also will bee exhibiting a selection of the plein-air studies of Hemingway Pond I've done over the years.

Speaking of Hemingway Pond, I haven't reported back on the meeting that was attended on it's fate. Its just been a bit too hectic around here!I'll be putting more information up on that in the future once I have all the research together. The meeting was very informative and suffice to say the situation is not completely dire. Landscape painting will continue at Blue Horse Arts:). and perhaps an new project!

Anne Siems
In the meantime we have a lighter teaching and event schedule for July while we organize some new offerings at the studios.
There will be a Landscape painting workshop on Saturday. Partial tuition will be donated to the Steele Brook Greenway. Click here for more info and how to register. All levels of experience are welcome!

The painting to right is by Anne Siems from  the Plight of the Pollinators show and will be soon shipped to California. We'll be missing its presence in the studio along with all the other great work that was on exhibit.


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