Low Light Lily study

Lily Study, 5" x 7", Oil on Panel, Bridget Grady
There is a time of day in the garden, near dusk, where the  sun filters through the translucent flower petals that I just love.This type of back lighting takes a bit of planning. If you start the study at that time, you'll only have about fifteen minutes to catch it.This either means you have to be lightening fast or have a strong visual memory. (I possess none of these qualities at the end of a long hot day!). The obvious solution to this is to start the block-in ahead of time so that you can finesse the light effects on the petal forms.I started out with good intentions. Gathered up the paint box. Checked to see if I had a couple of clean brushes and prepare panel.I then got interrupted for an hour and by the time I got back out to the garden it was a whole different lighting situation. I only had an hour left to paint before dark so it became a low light speed painting study!Good practice for close values on the lily petals, getting down the essential visual information and keeping it loose none the less:).


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