Newcomer!!!and Paint Out Reminder!

The Newcomer B.Grady
This handsome gentleman is a relative newcomer to our Hemingway Pond.I've seen snowy egrets here before but not much this summer.I watched this fellow catch and eat about four fish and a couple of frogs within a half an hour. Henry, that 's my name for our resident Great Blue Heron, was not amused and spent most of the day chasing him away from his favorite fishing spots.

Henry on high alert! B.Grady
The chase begins! B.Grady

 This went on and off all day B.Grady
This guy paid the ruckus they made no mind. B.Grady

The Paint Out is on Saturday, 12PM-5PM. Come on Down!!Bring your paints, sketchbooks, cameras, or just visit the new studios! Sunday is the SketchJam with the Melonkali Flowers and Special Guest, Seth Hedu. That event is also free. It is from 3PM-5PM.The lovely Rita Quinn has baked her special banana bread for the occasion. THANK YOU RITA!!!( Goes great with Cider). Once again artists bring your drawing gear and sketch while being serenaded by some fine muscians!!!

 Hemingway Pond September 27th,2012- B.Grady


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