Reminding everyone that we have our first edition of a monthly event called "SketchJam" tomorrow afternoon. Come down and listen to an acoustic set from the Melon Kali Flowers, featuring Jay Foster and  the always entertaining, Alex Alves. This week we are being treated to an appearance by guitarist and lutheier  Seth Hedu. So bring your sketchbooks or your just your ears:) and chill.

 Preferring the warmth and the dry inside to the cold and drizzle outside Carla sets up shop by the window. Our guests were once again entertained by the egret and three beavers!

It was pretty peaceful at the "Paint Out" today and fun!We had a few painters and artists show up to work or just hang in the studio. I think we'll just make this a regular Saturday thing(12PM-5PM). It's great to be supported by the company of other artists no matter the experience level! So if you are looking for some creative inspiration or just want to get a little nature time in stop in!


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