Robert Zeller Portrait Workshop at Blue Horse Arts!

"Paulina", Oil on Canvas, Robert Zeller
We are so excited to be able to  bring a little of the New York Atelier experience to Litchfield County, Connecticut.
This November we will be hosting a workshop, with  guest artist Robert Zeller here at Blue Horse Arts Studio!
This is a great opportunity to infuse some new life into your approach to portrait painting  for those  with experience, or get a great jump start if you are just beginning.

"Cecily",Oil on Canvas, Robert Zeller

Robert Zeller is the Founder of The Teaching Studios of Art located in Brooklyn and Oyster Bay Long Island.I met Rob about 6 years ago when I was doing research on drawing  methodology. I had taken a class with him at the New York Academy of Art. So I can vouch from personal experience that he is a great instructor!

My interest, at the time, was in 19th century drawing and painting pedagogy and industrial design training. The former, 19th century practice, being heavily based on observation and the later a process for inventive drawing utilizing perspective. I was researching how those distinctly different approaches could be incorporated into contemporary drawing curriculum for my students at ADM. Much of the focus of art training in the 80's and 90's was on creative expression and art theory. Though obviously important, it unfortunately left many art school graduates without a comprehensive technical understanding to execute their conceptual ideas or highly dependent on copying from a photographic reference. So if you would like to explore what you might have been missing from your previous art education or even if  you are just beginning and looking get a good solid start, I highly recommend this workshop!

Rob's course will be held Saturday and Sunday,10AM-5PM, on November 10th and 11th at Blue Horse Arts Studio,250 Porter Street, Watertown,CT. 

( See below for registration information)


"In this 2 day workshop, students will learn to execute a realistic portrait in oil paint. We will work, not by copying the model, but instead building something new and original on canvas. The great Realist painters in art history were not copyists, they were creators.
Students will first learn to block in the drawing directly on to the canvas in paint, then slowly build up the paint while establishing accurate values and color. Special attention will be paid to balancing soft and hard edges. Through the process of painting, we will talk about the under-lying structure of the skull and features of the face. We will discuss surface variation such as glazing, scumbling and building up impasto paint in the lights, while working up to a finished painting".

Tuition is 250.00 for the workshop. 
Blue Horse Arts Students and Artwell members will receive a 10% discount.

To register for this course please contact us at 860-417-3243 or
A non-refundable deposit will be required to hold your place in this this workshop.Full payment must be made prior to attendance.

"Leah" Oil on Canvas, Robert Zeller


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