Sketchbook Synchronocity

Graphite on Paper - B.Grady

A Little Sketchbook Synchronicity 

I've been playing with Witches, Vampires, and Zombies in my sketchbook lately.

It's not my usual subject matter, but then again that's what sketchbooks are for:)!

When I think of vampires I can't help but think of my friend and fellow artist,

The next thing you know I get an email from him sharing his latest cartoon animation on his you tube site Goon Cartoons!

Funny how things happen like that!

Graphite on Paper - B.Grady

Frank's an accomplished artist, author and animator, a former resident of Watertown, and a one-time inhabitant of our attic on the infamous 11 Roland Street. A portal of creative mayhem that temporarily manifested in the 90's.

Graphite on Paper - B.Grady


The Shine Album Cover- Frank Forte

Dwelling in the rafters of that old house, Frank cranked out pages and pages of comics early in his career. Parts of  his cult classic comic "Vampire Verses" were born there along with the locally legendary band the "Shine's" album cover.

I learned a lot from Frank of the underground genre of horror comics.Observing Frank's process from developing concepts to inking, I gained much respect for the ethic of hard work and dedication that these artists must possess in order to be successful in this field.

You can find Frank Forte's work on his website. He also has a blog where he shares his knowledge of story-boarding and concept development.You can find that HERE
It's a great resource for those interested in comics and cartoon animation.On it you'll find insight into the working processes of  cartoon comic designers.

Check out Frank's new Flash animation on his Goon Cartoon Channel



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