Marc Chabot Presentation!

Marc Chabot
Thank you to those who  came out to Marc Chabot's lecture today!

It is a rare  occurrence that the public gets a chance not only to hear about an artist's working process and inspiration, but for that artist to share his personal sketchbooks and early works is truly a gift. 
This was an informative and inspiring event  for artists and those who appreciate art on a deeply personal level. 
When one gets a chance to spend time with Marc Chabot and his work, they are treated to a discussion with one who is truly passionate about the practice of drawing and is incredibly generous with his knowledge and experience.

 A selection of Marc Chabot's works on display during the lecture

 " Eye of the Needle,"Marc Chabot, Trace Monotype
 Marc shared with us with  a variety of his own compelling ink drawings, monotypes, and life drawings which illustrated a range of drawing practice.  

Among his portfolios were works created from memory and invention, along with  observational drawings from a weekly practice of life drawing.

Marc states that his life drawing sessions serve to "calibrate" the eye and the hand very much like tuning a musical instrument. 
(We like that analogy:))

Figure Drawing - Marc Chabot

 Yves Tanguy- Etching


Those present today were graced with sketches and etchings from Marc's personal collection of American drawings and prints. A rare drawing by the fourteen year old Hyman Bloom, who Marc was fortunate enough to have a long personal association with,  and an etching by  former Woodbury, CT. resident and Surrealist, Yves Tanguy were among the treasures on display in our studio today! 
Included in that collection was a mind boggling miniature piece by Marc's close friend and contemporary artist, Eric Knight.(Apologies for being unable to get a better photo please check out the link provided below)!

( Right) Early Drawing by Hyman Bloom (Left) Eric Knight

Jay and I would like to thank Marc for taking the time to present this lecture today and hope to continue the "Conversation" on drawing in the future :)!



Drawing Conversations: An Exhibition of Drawing by Caroline Harman and Marc Chabot will be on View through the end of January,2013. 
The Field Projects Gallery Hours are Thursday- Saturday 12PM=5PM and by appointment. 860-417-3243

For more information on the artists mentioned please visit the links below.

Marc Chabot 
Caroline Harman
Hyman Bloom
Yves Tanguy 
 Eric Knight 1  and 2


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