Sketch Jam January!

Just what we like to see! More Musicians, More Artists, and More Innocent Bystanders!!!!!
 Brian Hobson and Bradley Costello's Acoustic Duo

 Thank you friends and new friends for coming out to Sunday's Sketch Jam! This month's event featured Bradley Costello and Brian Hobson's new acoustic act.They were great!   
Thank you guys! 

Brian Hobson
 Bradley Costello

Warming up for Brad and Bri were house band musicians Keven Farrell on pedal steel, Alex Alves, and Jay Foster.

Tim Mac Sweeney

 Lurking in the room this week were some other esteemed musical guests. Harking back to the original incarnation of the FOBES, was bass player Bart Holcomb. We're looking forward to hearing his new blue grass band at a future Sketch Jam!! Also in the House was the Magical Tim Mac Sweeney on his resaphonic guitar, guitarist Grant Lamphier, Drummer Dave Greene, and The Cactus! 

Image Below
 Left to Right
Poet and Patron of the Arts " The Groove",The Cactus, Dave Greene,Artists Jaime, Alyssa, and Sarah. 

The Crew Old and New

Amongst a growing number of sketchers was Claudia DuHamel sculptor, set designer, artist, and apparently chef. What else do you do!?! Claudia not only brought her sharpened pencils but some great hors d'oeuvres.Thanks Claudia!

 Sketch Jam January 2013

 I love it when people do their homework:)!
 Sarah Working on her Cast Drawing

 Claudia's Cast

Image Below
Sketch Jam Mascot and Artist in Residence  Lily Lamphier and Alyssa's Awesome Sneakers!

A.I.R Lily Lamphier
These make you draw better!!!!!

Images Below, 
Checking out the Chabot's and the " Drawing Conversations" exhibit.

            SEE YA NEXT TIME!!!


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