Tracey O' Shaughnessey Lecture on You Tube!

 Caroline Harman and Marc Chabot

We've got the video up on you tube on for those folks who couldn't attend the actual lecture. Tracey O' Shaughnessy was gracious enough to let us post it. Thank you Tracey! For those of you just stopping here for the first time we have an have a show of drawings up, "Drawing Conversations:An Exhibition of Drawing by Caroline Harman and Marc Chabot. 

Tracey O'Shaughnessey gave a great talk on about her experiences as a writer covering art for the last 15 years and why she believes newspapers perform an important function shaping our understanding and appreciation of art. The question and answer segment of the lecture was really lively and is currently in production, as is a lecture by Marc Chabot.

Along with the lecture, Tracey had  a book signing of her collection of essays entitled "Every Little Thing." You can obtain a copy of her work at the Hickory Stick Bookshop located in Washington Depot, Connecticut.It's available elsewhere online but lets support our local and independent  bookstores:)!

Many! Many! Thanks! to my husband, Jay Foster for his technology Magic!

Here's The Link!


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