CROP CIRCLE SHOW!!!!! at Field Projects!

Image by Jay Foster

The Open House/ Invitational exhibit at  the Blue Horse Arts and JFoster Music Studio Complex is getting into gear!! This will be our first "Field Projects",(our parallel space),exhibit and everybody's invited!!!
I'll be putting up some information on the participating artists in the coming weeks so stay posted!!!!

The show topic will be focused promoting an awareness of the connection between food, culture, and the environment. Essentially thinking globally, acting locally. The conceptual thread of this exhibition is based on the outreach and entanglement of artists, farmers, the environment, and community through mutual exchange.

The artists who are participating in this event are working within two criteria. Firstly, to support local farmers by creating a piece inspired by and purchased at the Local Farmers Market. The rationale behind this is to support (at least symbolically) the Connecticut farmers who practice organic and sustainable agriculture on a local level. The second criterion is that the artists will donate a percentage of the sale of their work to the local Food Bank. This donation benefits the community, the farmers, and the artists who participate in this project. Public attendance to this event brings the project full circle. Some of the local Farmers will be bringing their wares, so you know the food will be great!

The event will also feature music by two area bands, The Billy Cactus Band, and The Electric Bakery. Jay Foster will sit in, along with David Howard of the Please and Thank You Stringband, and few other mystery players yet to be announced!

Anne Flynn    Matang Gonzales    Kathy Good

  Bill Gusky             Ginger Hanrahan         Heidrun Morgan

Kristie O’ Donnell    Georgia Sheron



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