Happy 4th of July: Celebrate Independent Thought!

If you are in the Lakeside/Morris Connecticut area you should really check out the art car parade at Lorenz Studios today!! This annual event of hipsters, artists, musicians, and innocent bystanders has been going on for decades!


We were there for some of the event yesterday with our friends from the band “Electric Bakery”. Jay sat in for part of the gig. I met a cast of interesting Creatives (waste vege oil fuel experimenters, glass blowers, balloon artists, and poets of the road. Talk about getting back to my roots!). 

Larry Lorenz is an amazing glass artist and sculptor. He maintains his working studios by the roadside in Lakeville, CT. Locals around here are familiar with his pasture gallery of mixed media sculptures (the Elephant being the most infamous!).From what I can tell there will be a Clean Energy event held this coming Labor Day. 
Should be interesting to those into sustainable and alternative fuel technologies! 

There are demos of some glass work techniques held in the barn studio during this three day music event. 

It’s a beautiful day, check it out!
Al: April 19th, circa 1948 and Jay: April 19th, circa 1973

And the band keeps playin' on!


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