Savin Rock Festival

Jay Foster and Mike Nappi will be sitting in with the “Electric Bakery” today at the 30th annual Savin Rock Festival in West Haven today. Mike was one of my first victims in series of live musician drawings and paintings I started years ago. That series led to my long involvement with working with musicians as subject matter. That in turn, led to a tangent of band photography, promotional design, and aspects band managing. Managing musicians is like herding cats! Very fun but I’ll stick to the visual aspect!

 "Red Drummer- Mike Nappi", Oil on Paper, 48" x 72", circa 1995!,by Bridget Grady
Stella!, 12" x 12" ,oil on panel, 2004 by Bridget Grady
Jay is currently working with Mike and singer Dan Sharkey on a project of his original music, hopefully soon to be heard!!  The image to the left was done in situ during a F.O.B.E.S rehearsal. They finished the session before I could paint in the guitar! I've been lucky enough to share my studio with  Jay for about
15 years.This has provided me with free models though not necessarily still models!Drawing the moving figure has been great practice!

The  characters in the painting from left to right are Dan Sharkey, Sean Lynch, and Jay Foster.  

Mike is a seriously great drummer and has a pretty extensive resume. This is from his “myspace” profile: "Over the years of playing drums I have been honored to have the opportunity to Perform/Record/Tour Internationally and Nationally with some of the most amazing artist's, musicians, producers etc.. Such musicians/artists as...Kal David, Lucky Peterson, Kim Waters, Ira Coleman, Joe Diorio, Tony Marino, John Ellis, Pete Levin, Adam Klipple, Tony Kadleck, Bill Crow, Rohn Lawrence, David Berkman, Itaiguara Brandao, John Di Martino, Will Boulware...and many more...... Producers: Jay Newland (Norah Jones)...Jimmy R. Landry...(CherryS/T,Barry Manilow)....Greg Wattenburg (Five For Fighting)...Chris "Big Dog" Davis (Najee,Will Downing)....Dale Penner (Nickelback)....."
So come on down and check them out. Alex Alves, from the “Electric Bakery” and “Melon Kali Flowers”, will be giving away some very cool T-Shirts and promotional items of his design. They will be playing from 3:30PM – 4:30PM. Get there early!!!!!!!!

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